Kai Level Instructor

Bhaktifest 2012. Photo: Aura Lehrer

We believe the practice of Kai Chi Do is the real teacher. By becoming an instructor, you learn to
re-create the healing experience of Kai Chi Do for yourself and grow in it through service to others.

To preserve the form and teachings of Kai Chi Do, we’ve developed a process of formal training that begins with learning the basics, the Kai Level.

To become a Kai Level Instructor, an applicant must:

  • Accept and agree to abide by the terms of the Kai Chi Do Instructor License Agreement and pay the Annual License Fee.
  • Complete a weekend of in-person training with a qualified Do Level Instructor.
  • Pass the Skill Competency Evaluation at the end of the in-person training weekend
  • Complete the self-paced online coursework

All Kai Chi Do Instructors must be in excellent health and free of mind-altering substances.

The cost of the Kai Level Instructor training is $256, which covers:.

  • The fee for the Weekend training program is $220. (meals are not included).
      • You register and pay this fee directly with the course instructor.
  • The annual license fee is $36.
      • You accept the License Agreement and pay your annual fee by clicking “Sign Up” below.

Once you’ve completed your in-person training, your $36 annual license fee** gives you access to:

  • online self-paced coursework and huge array of resources
  • teleconference support calls
  • templates, forms, and flyers for promoting your classes

In order to participate in Chi Level Training or become a Do Level Instructor, you must be an active Kai Level Instructor.  Want an overview of all the Levels of Kai Chi Do Instructors?  Click here.

**In traditional Hebrew numerology, the number 36 has a mystical meaning. It is said that there are 36 “concealed ones,” special people who live anonymous, humble lives, but by their goodness they prevent disasters and protect humanity. They don’t even know themselves as one of these great souls, but if even one of them was missing, it is said the world would come to an end. Who knows – they might even be us.

How do you get started?

1. Locate the Kai Level Weekend that you wish to attend, and register with the Instructor.
Click here to find a Trainer near you.

2. Complete the form below and click the “Sign Up” button to accept the License Agreement and Pay your Annual License Fee.

3. Remember to Bring the receipt for your Annual License fee to your Kai Level Weekend Training. 



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