Instructor Levels

Kai Level Instructor
Teach Kai Chi Do classes
Weekend of in-person training followed by extensive online coursework
Teleconference support
Templates, Forms, and Flyers
The fee for the Weekend training program is $220. (meals not included). You register and pay this fee directly with the course instructor.
You accept the License Agreement and pay a $36 Annual License Fee by clicking the “Sign Up” button below.
Chi Level Instructor
Weekend Retreat with Charles Robinson
Go Deep. In the transformative experience of the Five Elements and the 3 Connections
Breathwork, Meditation, and Community
Restore your feeling of Balance
Explore the Principles for Mindful Living
$500 per per person (hotel, meals, and travel expenses are not included).
Open to Kai and Do Level Instructors.
The Chi Level Weekend is a pre-requisite for the Do Level Training
Do Level Instructor
Train Kai Level Instructors
Go Wide. Expand the Community.
Help others become Leaders
Step by step training manual
Structured program schedule to follow
Do Level Teleconference Support
Applicants must have completed both Kai and Chi levels of training, and have taught a minimum of 75 Kai Chi Do classes within the previous two years.
Must submit 3 student references.
Must be an active participant in the Kai Chi Do community and teleconferences
You accept the License Agreement and pay a $396 Annual License fee by clicking the “Apply” button below.

The sign up links are active only for your eligible courses.
Chi “Sign Up” is open to Kai and Do Level Instructors.
Do Level “Apply” link is active only for those who have completed both Kai and Chi Level trainings.

Kai and Do Levels must complete both the in-person weekend training and online course.  Access to the online course begins after the weekend training is complete and the student passes a Skill Competency Evaluation.  Annual license fee required.

Do Level Applicants: Please scan/email your Class Tracking Log Three Student References, and Application to or fax to 1-800-272-4311


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