Kai Level Course Outline

Module 1 Overview
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 How to Navigate this Online Training
Unit 3 More than a Method
Unit 4 Kai Level Instructor Training: What Will I Be Learning?
Unit 5 What is Kai Chi Do?
Unit 6 Preserving Kai Chi Do
Unit 7 Making Three Connections with Five Energy Dynamics
Unit 8 Kai Chi Do and The Chakra Energy Wheels
Unit 9 Elements and Energy Dynamics
Module 2 The First Element: Root
Unit 1 The First Element: Root
Unit 2 Goals and Intentions
Unit 3 Orienting the Group
Unit 4 Orienting the Group - Sample Script
Unit 5 Do Kai Chi Do the Easy Way
Unit 6 Reading the Energy of the Group
Unit 7 Conscious Listening
Unit 8 Root Chakra: Survival
Unit 9 Root Movement and Music Outline
Unit 10 The Depths Song
Unit 11 The Depths: Interview with Phyllis Singer
Unit 12 Root: Remind people to drink water!
Unit 13 Root Additional Resources
Module 3 The Second Element: Air
Unit 1 The Second Element: Air
Unit 2 Second Chakra: Creativity
Unit 3 How to Choose Music for Kai Chi Do
Unit 4 Timing Music for a Kai Chi Do Session
Unit 5 Continue to Read the Group in Every Element
Unit 6 Supporting the Energy of the Group
Unit 7 No Force No Resistance
Unit 8 Movement and Music Outline: Air
Unit 9 Basic Movements and Variations
Unit 10 Midline Integration
Unit 11 Hand Variations
Unit 12 Making Combinations
Unit 13 Why we voice the breath
Unit 14 Energy Flows and Breath
Unit 15 Regulating Intensity with the Breath
Unit 16 Blessing of the Phoenix
Unit 17 Movement for Transition from Air to Fire Element
Unit 18 Music Samples: Air
Unit 19 Music Samples: Air CC
Unit 20 Air: Remind people to drink water!
Unit 21 Additional Resources: AIR
Module 4 The Third Element: Fire
Unit 1 The Third Element: Fire
Unit 2 Third Chakra: Power
Unit 3 Desire versus Cravings
Unit 4 Cultivate a Balance
Unit 5 Understanding Resistance
Unit 6 Understanding Allowing
Unit 7 Fourth Chakra: Love
Unit 8 Thought and Allowing
Unit 9 The Emotional Guidance System
Unit 10 Another way to look at the Emotional Guidance System
Unit 11 Movement and Music Outline: Fire
Unit 12 Advanced Movements
Unit 13 Facilitate Increased Circulation of Energy
Unit 14 Build a Collaborative Momentum
Unit 15 Music Samples: FIRE
Unit 16 Music Samples: Fire CC
Unit 17 Fire: Remind people to drink water!
Unit 18 Additional Resources: Fire
Module 5 The Fourth Element: Water
Unit 1 The Fourth Element: Water
Unit 2 Spirit of Water
Unit 3 Fifth Chakra: Your True Voice
Unit 4 Guided Meditation: The Transition from Fire to Water
Unit 5 The Basics of Leading Guided Meditation
Unit 6 Talking Points for a Basic Guided Meditation
Unit 7 The Mechanics of Joy
Unit 8 Sixth Chakra: Intuition
Unit 9 THE WAVE (5-9 minutes)
Unit 10 THE STREAM (3-6 minutes)
Unit 11 Music Samples: Water
Unit 12 Music Samples: Water CC
Unit 13 Water: Remind people to drink water!
Unit 14 Additional Resources: Water
Module 6 The Fifth Element: Earth
Unit 1 The Fifth Element: Earth
Unit 2 Seventh Chakra: Expanded Consciousness
Unit 3 Earth Declarations Song
Unit 4 Facilitate Grounding and Integration
Unit 5 Brief Guided Meditation and Declarations
Unit 6 Earth: Remind people to drink water!
Unit 7 Additional Resources: EARTH
Module 7 Engagement
Unit 1 Engagement Outline
Unit 2 Intro to Engagement
Unit 3 Go Deep Before You Go Wide
Unit 4 Holding Center as the World goes Round
Unit 5 Leading from Connection: The Basics
Unit 6 Understanding Common Needs of a Group
Unit 7 Setting Healthy Boundaries
Unit 8 Adapting to Different Groups
Unit 9 Engagement: Leading Kai Chi Do
Unit 10 Making it look easy
Unit 11 Additional Resources: Engagement
Module 8 Safety
Unit 1 Physical Safety Basics
Unit 2 Joint Accommodations
Unit 3 CPR and First Aid
Unit 4 Confidentiality
Unit 5 Ethics
Unit 6 Insurance
Unit 7 Waiver and Release of Liability
Module 9 Reach
Unit 1 Reach
Unit 2 Be Visible
Unit 3 Be Patient
Unit 4 Contracts
Unit 5 Pricing and Knowing your Value
Unit 6 Payment Portals
Unit 7 Business Cards, Signs, and Flyers
Unit 8 Finding photos for promotional materials
Module 10 Music Resources
Unit 1 Music Equipment
Unit 2 Music Rights
Unit 3 We're trying ASCAP
Unit 4 Finding Royalty Free Music
Unit 5 Soundcloud Music for Commercial Use
Unit 6 FMA Music for Commercial Use
Unit 7 CCMixter Music for Commercial Use
Unit 8 Sample Playlist 724: Kai Chi Do
Unit 9 Sample Playlist 729: Kai Chi Do
Unit 10 Sample Playlist 730: Kai Chi Do
Unit 11 Sample Playlist 731: Kai Chi Do
Unit 12 101 Music Playlists
Module 11 Support
Unit 1 Co-Facilitate
Unit 2 Weekly Support Group
Unit 3 Where we get business support
Unit 4 The Next Level
Unit 5 Questions?
Unit 6 Final Quiz